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More new from the road

So its been a while since i've been able to update this but we've been busy since we left our spring training site. We've been in a new city/state just about every day, a couple long bus rides, and not a lot of "floor time" makes for a pretty tired drum corps. We've also had a couple of rainy days that seemeed to follow us from state to state, but Mark Sylvester won't call off a rehersal for anything short of a lightning storm. I'm actually very proud of how the drum corps has been pushing through the past rainy, sleep-deprived week; we're getting better every day.

Today officially marks the end of our last week of spring training on the road and the summer starts "for real" tomorrow; we have our first show in Toledo, OH. I think the members are antsy to finally be performing, and tomorrow night will be a welcome payoff for all our hard work. Afterall, nobody does drum corps to goto spring training, its all about the screaming, cheering fans. I think once we get out in the public eye, we will have a new found sense of intensity and urgency to our rehersals. The show is AMAZING but its very challenging and its going to take a lot of hard work to pull it off. I'm not worried at all though; we have a heavy duty staff that will whip us into shape.

So right now i'm back from our second laundry day of the season, my stomach is stuffed full of chinese food (General Tso is a welcome break from food truck food), and I'm chillin in the staff room with Darryl Pemberton and a baritone player Meg Huber who wants me to write about how cool she is; shes OK, i guess, hahahaha. So it's kind of late, I'm tired, and we have a show tomorrow I should get some rest. I'll try to update this thing whenever I get the chance but its hard to find the time or an available computer. I think if my readers sent me packages of gatorade and cookies I would be more inclined to do so :) :) :) I love getting comments from readers, its refreshing to know that people read this and get something out of it. Also, if you come to a show, stop by the busses and come say whatsup.

Peace & Love
Garrett Dillon

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