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More From the Road...

I appologize for not updating this in quite some time, but it's hard to find a computer that I can log onto without a school password, and can get on the internet without some school-blocker that won't let me get to Livejournal, and THEN find the time to update this. I did check my email the other day and I was surprised at the number of comments people left me =). Although, I will encourage readers to keep their comments positive and "drama-free", save that mess for drum corps planet forums.

The past couple of weeks have cone by REALLY quickly. Tour seems to take forever when you're in the middle of it but there's 35 days left (I think) and spring training seems like just last week. We've really lucked out this year as far as the weather goes, at least compared to the past few summers. When we had spring training in Kutsher's we had rain almost every day in varying degrees of intensity and duration, but I we've only had one block rained out so far this year (knock on wood!). We did, however, have a rather intense rain/hail storm come through just the other day during EPL (eat-pack-load). We watched the dark storm clouds pass directly over us during our ensemble rehersal, but not a drop of rain. But when people were lining their bags outside the busses to be loaded, the skies opened up with a furious downpour, unfortunately soaking a lot of peoples luggage. Fortunately for me, I had loaded my bags under the bus during lunch =).

We've had a few staff members coming in and out in the past few weeks as their schedules permit. We've got Tony Rideout teaching marching who is the most HILARIOUS and sarcastic person ever, the guard caption head Mike Sloan is back on (the guard finally got their new 2nd uniforms which they metamorphosize into [is metamorphosize a word?]), and Al Chez, the trumpet player from David Letterman's Late Show band. He volunteers to come on to teach every year when he's not doing shows. Al is fantastic because sometimes we get wrapped up so much in the mental/technical aspect of the activity, that we lose sight of the performing aspect of it. Al has an old-school approach to teaching a hornline: PLAY LOUD!!! This is exactly what the hornline needs right now, we have excellent teachers to take care of technique and balance and ensemble awareness, but now we're starting to get loud. sweet.

Much to our relief we had another laundry block tonight; I was wondering how much worse my dirty laundry bag could smell. Everyone went out and got some food then we spent the rest of the time studying dot books. So far two people have brought me gatorade and cookies =) I don't have the mailing address of where to send mail readily available to me at the moment, but be sure I will post it when I get a chance, probably tomorrow. The only problem is that there is about 4 or 5 different addresses based on when you send the mail and where we are on tour at that time.

Big Allentown regional tomorrow, DCI East baby. Its one of Crossmen's now many home shows (Allentown, West Chester, and now San Antonio). It's gonna be sweet, I can tell the corps is really excited about starting to play the big shows. We've been busting our behinds trying to clean up the show; it's a hard one, but with drum corps all-star Marc Sylvester running the show, I'm not worried at all. For anyone who may have doubts, I truly believe that we're going to be OK...

That's it for now, it's late, I'm tired, big show tomorrow, air mattress, yessss..........
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