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Laundry Day

  • So today is day #14 of spring training. It's crazy, its been 2 weeks but feels like we've been here for 2 months already. The hours creep by slowly but the days fly by so fast. We had our first laundry day of the summer today, I went with the hornline in the morning, the drumline is doing their laundry right now during the afternoon block, and the guard gets the night block off to do theirs (lucky). I was fortunate enough to send my laundry home with one of the colorguard girl's mom the other day, so I didn't have any clothes to wash today. Instead, I went to this little place "Simply Delicious Tamales To Go", got some tasty tamales, then walked down to the grocery store, and got some gatorades. I spent the rest of the time at the laundromat highlighting the TONS of drill sets we have (actually I paid someone in gatorade to highlight it for me), then I slept the rest of the time. 
  • So now the hornline is in sub-sectionals and the guard is rehearsing in the gym while the drumline gets their laundry done. I'm sitting in the administrative office with Darryl Pemberton, one of our head visual guys, until it's time for me to head down to work with the hornline for the rest of the afternoon. Darryl just asked about this tradition we have called the "Prize Patrol", oh boy, if only he knew..."Ask and you shall receive"
  • We've got about 10 days until we head out on tour and I'm getting more and more excited. Spring training loses its novelty very quickly. I everyone to come check out a show this summer. We're going all over the country so chances are we're gonna be in a city near you, or at least your state. Come check us out, and if you read my blog, come say whats up, its always nice to meet new people.
  • Last, but certainly not least, I encourage all readers to send care packages of gatorade to the following address:

Garrett Dillon@ Crossmen c/o Morrisons
27 San Isidro
San Antonio, TX 78261

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